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    TalentWave’s Charitable Give-Back Challenge Makes an Impact on Local Communities

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    Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Truer words were never spoken.

    This summer, teams of cross-functional TalentWave employees raised funds for a set of charities through a program that fostered organization, collaboration and creativity. The project, called the Give-Back Challenge, had four objectives:

    • Create a program to generate a charitable contribution
    • Foster collaboration across groups that don’t often have the opportunity to work together
    • Improve skills associated with planning, organization, teamwork, communication, differentiation, presentation and overall execution
    • Inspire passion; we are a company who cares about our impact on others, we are a creative company, we are a company committed to helping our people grow

    Each team was provided a small amount of seed capital and chose a charity for their cause. The starter dollars were used to organize and execute a plan. The project culminated in each team presenting their story and journey at the company All-Hands meeting on September 6th in Denver, Colorado.

    What happened next was nothing short of miraculous.  Each team chose a name and selected their charity. While many chose children’s causes, we also saw initiates for clean water in disadvantaged countries, food banks, Habitat for Humanity, and even an organization for a very specific kind of cancer.

    Teams of Wave Makers demonstrated exceptional creativity as they worked to raise money for their charity. We sold various forms of provisions (from breakfast burritos to donuts), collected food and children’s items, donated our time in the community, and even had a pie throwing contest in our office (with our Executives being the lucky recipients). In all, we raised nearly $12000 for very worthy causes in our community.

    In the end, building goodwill in the community gave us the chance to focus on those less fortunate than ourselves, while enhancing employee cohesion. The Give-Back Challenge provided the opportunity to extend our corporate values of “Truth Tellers, Problem Solvers, and Being Totally Engaged” into the community and lives of others.

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